Saturday, December 13, 2014

Xmas Memories

Xmas Memories

Recently, I found myself thinking about an event that happened maybe 15 years ago. This was before an event that we call "The F@ckmass Event"and that is for another Xmas themed blog entry. 

Why do you have 2 trees?

Back to my Xmas memory-  This  memory begins with my asking my adoptive mother why she had 2 Christmas trees in her house this one year.   

So it beings with  my adoptive brother's girlfriend had a 5 year old boy, and they lived together. At the time I had met the girlfriend and young child before, and the child was a really cute little boy. 
Flash forward to several weeks before Christmas. Adoptive mother goes tree shopping with my adoptive brother, and they pick a real tree out together for the apartment he shares with his girlfriend. This isn't a fake tree, this a cut live tree... you know the ones that loose needles like the second you bring them home,  and you are hoping you don't burn your house down... yeah, one of those.
Back to the story:
 I'm not clear on the exact details of what took place, but days before Christmas they break-up, and she asks him to leave on short notice.  The adoptive parents help him move out since he has so little notice.   Now, my adoptive mother is telling me this story, about how they ran over with their SUV and started taking a few loads of belongs back to their house Then she looks at me with this look of glee in her eyes, smiling... she tells me how she looked at that tree she had helped her adoptive son buy... and proceeded to remove every ornament from it, and ever bit of tinsel,  and leaving it all on the living room table.... she tells me like this is come great she has just cured cancer....  and then proceeds to tell me how she took the tree with her.... In the SUV.... back to her house...

“And with the child’s Christmas tree in hand- she walks out of the house – Just like the Grinch who stole Christmas on that cold and snowy night.”

She looks at me, smiling... she is so proud of herself. She thinks that she had just shown up this girlfriend who dared break-up with her adoptive son the week of Christmas. 

I say to her "But what about the little boy? Did you even think about him coming home to find his Christmas Tree gone? How that is going to make him feel"  Adoptive Mother is unmoved, and doesn't care.  But to this day I am shocked by this. I mean these people are @assholes, but this takes it to a whole new level... Class A professional @ssholes!

And I know that little boy, a boy no more... has this really $hitty Christmas memory of the day he came home and a Grinch stole his Christmas tree.

And I think about how some people proclaim that adoptive parents are somehow better than other parents, because they adopted.... it's just insane logic... Adoptive parents are not super hero's, or angles... they are simply people who had the resources to buy adopt a child... or two.... plain and simple. The act doesn't make them any nicer, or special... in fact i'm convinced that adoption attracts an element of humanity that has no business raising children.  My adoptive parents had no business being parents... that is for sure.


  1. Wow. How sad. Really sad for that little boy. And really creepy actions by your adoptive mother.

    What is the psychology of adoption that does this?

    1. HI, in the case of my adoptive mother she has a narcissistic personality disorder, and she is excellent at gas-lighting. If you read back in my blog you'll see what I mean. -KJ